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Terms and Conditions


Our website is intended as an online brochure to advertise our products and services. Mindsports adheres to common internet protocols and practices in regards to client usage and data collection (if any). We, under NO CIRCUMSTANCE, collect data/client information for the purpose of "phishing," "spamming," or any other unethical behaviour. Review our Privacy Policy here.


All content, which may include images, media, video, text/copy, programming code, 3rd party plugins and modules (hereafter referred to as "content" or "the content") are protected under Federal and Provincial Copyright Provisions and may not be used, copied, borrowed (in whole or in part) without the original copyright owners written consent. 3rd Party Plugins or Modules (when used) fall under the copyright and usage definitions provided by the creators on their own personal/business websites and can be reviewed there.

Mobile Devices:

While our website is "responsive" and designed to be viewed on mobile devices, users should be aware that internet content is physically downloaded to their personal mobile devices to be viewed and interacted with.

Mindsports cannot be responsible for the users data usage on mobile devices when viewing our website.

We have made every effort to optimize the file sizes of our content for speed of access and to lower download impact, however excessive downloading of images / video / pdf files, etc... may negatively impact the users mobile data plan.

Users who are concerned about data usage may want to connect to a safe network (home, public, business) before downloading content from our website (or and other website for that matter). *Please adhere to common safety practices when connected to public networks.

Privacy Policy

Mindsports is a local Calgary business and may require standard information from our customers for sales transactions and to contact our customers.

Website Privacy:

Only basic information is collected via our Web Email Form, Ie. name, email address, and possibly phone number, for ease of replying to the Customers Website Inquiry. Users's may want to give private information over the phone rather than sending via email.

Offline Privacy:

Information such as: Name, Number (cell, work, etc.), email address, home or business address, and or credit card information may be required to complete a transaction: ie. sales deposit, or to complete payment for services rendered, to ship or deliver a product/service, and/or to communicate with the customer.


Is my Information Protected?

Any information that is collected is for the sole use of Mindsports - We do not make your public/private information available to third parties, mailing lists, marketers (online or offline) for the use of unsolicited contact.

We reserve the right to contact our customers (usually by email) for follow ups to existing business, to notify them of important company news or discounts/sales to our products or services. Customers may unsubscribe from these emails by simply calling us, or replying to the email with the Subject Line: UNSUBSCRIBE.


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