Decision Games:


DCG-WAW047 WAW 71: Forgotten Pacific Battles SRP $39.99 USD 

DCG-STQ009 STQ 9: American Revolution SRP $15.99 USD 

DCG1729 Campaigns of Montrose SRP $14.99 USD 

DCG1730 Khartoum: Sudan 1883-1885 SRP $14.99 USD 

DCG1731 Lawrence of Arabia SRP $14.99 USD 

DCG1732 Heroes of Telemark: Commando Raids in Norway; 1942-43 SRP $14.99 USD 


Multiman Publishing:


MMP-GDG2 Croix de Guerre (2) (Includes Dinant: Rommel at the Meuse) SRP $180.00 USD 

MMP-DASL Deluxe ASL SRP $92.00 USD 

MMP-WO2020 Winter Offensive 2020 (#11) SRP $30.00 USD 


Osprey Publishing:


OSPcam347 Constantinople AD 717-18 SRP $32.50 CAD 

OSPcbt046 British Rifleman vs French Skirmisher SRP $30.00 CAD 

OSPcbt047 French Soldier vs German Soldier SRP $30.00 CAD

OSPmaa530 Japanese Armies 1868-1877 SRP $25.99 CAD