Compass Games:


CPA0094 PW 94: Fall of Siam SRP $46.95 USD 

CPA1086 WWII Commander: Battle of the Bulge SRP $65.00 USD 


GMT Games:


GMT0710-19 CC: Paratrooper: Battle Pack 1 (Reprint) SRP $20.00 USD 

GMT0811-19 Combat Commander Pacific 2nd Printing SRP $79.00 USD 

GMT0812-19 CC: Stalingrad: Battle Pack 2 (Reprint) SRP $35.00 USD 

GMT0913-19 CC: Normandy: Battle Pack 3 (Reprint) SRP $35.00 USD 

GMT1103-19 CC: New Guinea: Battle Pack 4 (Reprint) SRP $25.00 USD 

GMT1308-19 CC: Fall of the West: Battle Pack 5 (Reprint) SRP $30.00 USD 

GMT1317-19 The Hunters 3rd Printing SRP $45.00 USD 

GMT1401-19 CC: Sealion: Battle Pack 6 (Reprint) SRP $27.00 USD 

GMT1509-19 Silent Victory 2nd Printing SRP $55.00 USD 

GMT1907 The Hunted SRP $55.00 USD 

GMT-KN-N-Kursk Battle of North Kursk SRP $65.00 USD