Multiman Publishing:


MMP-ASLSK4 ASL Starter Kit 4 (Pacific Units) SRP $65.00 USD 

MMP-BZC Brazen Chariots: Battles for Tobruk 1941 SRP $96.00 USD 

MMP-TTW To Take Washington: Battles of Monocasy & Fort Steven SRP $80.00 USD 


Osprey Publishing:


OSPblt034 BA: C: D-Day Overlord SRP $40.00 CAD 

OSPcam337 Castagnaro 1387 SRP $32.00 CAD 

OSPcam338 The First Anglo-Sikh War 1845-46 SRP $32.00 CAD 

OSPcbt042 British Airborne Soldier vs Waffen-SS Soldier SRP $29.00 CAD 

OSPdue095 USAF F-105 Thunderchief vs MiG-17 SRP $29.00 CAD 

OSPmaa527 Roman Army Units in the Western Provinces (2) SRP $25.00 CAD 

OSPwpn069 Weapons of the US Special Operations Command SRP $22.00 CAD