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OSPblh002 Eat the Apple: 'The Illiad of the Iraq War' SRP $22.00 CAD 

OSPblt027 Fortress Budapest SRP $40.00 CAD 

OSPcam333 Aleutians 1942-43 SRP $32.00 CAD 

OSPcbt039 Russian Soldier vs Japanese Soldier: Manchuria 1904-05 SRP $29.00 CAD 

OSPcom127 RF-101 Voodoo Units in Combat SRP $32.00 CAD 

OSPgnm283 Panzerartillerie SRP $54.00 CAD 

OSPgnm299 Sherman Lead: Flying the F4D Phantom II in Vietnam SRP $42.00 CAD 

OSPgnm323 Holding the Line: The Naval Air Campaign in Korea SRP $40.00 CAD 

OSPgnm348 Cold War Fleet: Ships of the Royal Navy 1966-1991 SRP $99.00 CAD 

OSPgnm349 Hitler's Death SRP $29.00 CAD 

OSPgnm352 Pilgrim Days: From Vietnam to the SAS SRP $34.00 CAD 

OSPgnm360 World War II Battle by Battle SRP $20.00 CAD 

OSPmaa524 Norwegian Waffen-SS Legion 1941-43 SRP $25.00 CAD 

OSPnvg268 M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tank 1993-2018 SRP $25.00 CAD 

OSPwld003 The Adventuring Party SRP $34.00 CAD 

OSPwpn067 Sniping Rifles on the Eastern Front 1939-45 SRP $29.00 CAD