Osprey Publishing:

OSPace133 Ju 88 Aces of WW2 SRP $32.00 CAD 

OSPacm008 Operation Linebacker I 1972 SRP $32.00 

OSPcam331 Smolensk 1943 SRP $32.00 CAD 

OSPcbt038 US Soldier vs Afrikakorps Soldier SRP $29.00 CAD 

OSPdue091 Hellcat vs Shinden/Shinden-Kai SRP $29.00 CAD 

OSPgnm282 Case Red: The Collapse of France (P) SRP $24.00 CAD 

OSPgnm381 Air Combat: Dogfights of WWII SRP $47.00 CAD 

OSPmaa522 Khazars SRP $25.00 CAD 

OSPnvg264 South American Battleships 1908-59 SRP $24.00 CAD 

OSPnvg266 French Battleships 1914-45 SRP $25.00 CAD 

OSPowg023 Rebels & Patriots SRP $27.00 CAD 

OSPwpn066 Weapons of the Viking Warrior SRP $29.00 CAD 


C3i Magazine

RBM031 C3i Magazine 31: The Battle of Wakefield SRP $45.00 USD 

RBM032 C3i 32: Issy/Gettysburg SRP $47.00 USD