Compass Games:


CPA0090 PW 90: MacArthur: The Road to Bataan SRP $46.95 USD 

CPA1061 C&C: Tricorne Expansion Kit 1: The French + SRP $75.00 USD 

CPA1074 Tinian: The Forgotten Battle SRP $99.00 USD 

CPA1078 War for the Union Designer's Edition SRP $95.00 USD 


GMT Games:


GMT1212UD Andean Abyss Update Kit SRP $20.00 USD

GMT1309/10UD Cuba Libre/A Distant Plain Update Kit SRP $15.00 USD

GMT1409UD Fire in the Lake Update Kit SRP $45.00 USD

GMT1511RCS Talon Base Game Repl. Counters SRP $15.00 USD

GMT1812 Space Corp: 2025-2300 AD SRP 82.00 USD 

GMT1814 The Dark Sands: War in North Africa 1940-42 SRP $55.00 USD 

GMT1815 Talon 1000 SRP $35.00 USD