Avalanche Press:


APL0866 Defiant Russia: Red Vengeance SRP $34.99 USD 

APL0881 GWaS: Jutland 1919 SRP $29.99 USD 

APL0890 PZG: Armata Romana SRP $24.99 USD 


Decision Games:


DCG-MW038 MW 38: Soyuz '81: Hypothetical Soviet Invasion of Poland SRP $39.99 USD 

DCG-WAW063 WAW 63: Central Pacific Campaign SRP $39.99 USD 

DCG0313 S&T 313: Windhoek: SW Africa 1914-15 SRP $39.99 USD 

DCG1640 Coronel & Falkland Islands SRP $24.99 USD 

DCG1641 River Plate & Denmark Straits SRP $24.99 USD 


Dan Verssen Games:


DV1-012 Down in Flames: Locked-On SRP $59.99 USD 

DV1-012A DiF: Locked On - Extra Cards SRP $29.99 USD 

DV1-040 Corsair Leader SRP $99.99 USD 

DV1-040A Corsair Leader Aces Expansion SRP $24.99 USD 

DV1-045 Pavlov's House (Stalingrad) SRP $59.99 USD 

DV1-045A Pavlov's House (Stalingrad) -Neoprene Mat SRP $29.99 USD

DV1-047 Country Dice SRP $14.99 USD 


Lock ‘n Load Publishing:


LLP312339 LnLT: Core Rules v. 5.0 SRP $59.99 USD 

LLP312650 LnLT: Heroes of Normandy 4K X-Maps SRP $29.99 USD 

LLP312681 LnLT: Heroes of the Pacific 4K X-Maps SRP $24.99 USD 

LLP313459 LnLT: Heroes of the Falklands 4K X-Maps SRP $29.99 USD 

LLP313466 LnLT: Heroes of the Nam 4K X-Maps SRP $29.99 USD 


Multiman Publishing:


MMP-HiF ASL Historical Module: Hatten in Flames SRP $60.00 USD 

MMP-SP08 SP #8: Avenge Pearl Harbour SRP $38.00 USD 


Osprey Publishing:


OSPgnm367 Seaman's Pocketbook SRP $19.00 CAD 


OSG Games:


OSG-MX Hanau - Introductory Game SRP $25.00 USD