Compass Games:

CPA1046 Lebensraum! The War for Europe 1941-45 SRP $99.00 USD 

CPA1048 Russia Besieged Deluxe Edition SRP $99.00 USD 

CPA1070 Nightfighter Ace: Air Defence over Germany 1943-44 SRP $99.00 USD 


GMT Games:

GMT1309-18 Cuba Libre 3rd Printing SRP $69.00 USD 

GMT1514-18 Falling Sky 2nd Printing SRP $80.00 USD 

GMT1811 Ariovistus: Falling Sky Expansion SRP $38.00 USD 


Legion Wargames:

LWG1801 Nemesis: Burma 1944 SRP $64.00 USD 

LWG1802 Maori Wars: New Zealand 1845-72 SRP $62.00 USD 


Osprey Publishing:

OSPblt026 Campaign: The Western Desert SRP $42.00 CAD 

OSPgnm343 The Forgotten Dead SRP $22.00 CAD