Decision Games:

DCG0312 S&T 312: Alesia SRP $39.99 USD 

DCG1032 D-Day at Iwo Jima SRP $89.00 USD 

DCG-MW037 MW 037: Putin Moves South SRP $39.99 USD 


Osprey Publishing:

OSPacm005 Operation Crossbow 1944 SRP $27.00 CAD 

OSPcam326 Solomons 1943-44 SRP $32.00 CAD 

OSPcbt035 Roman Legionary vs Carthagenian Warrior SRP $27.00 CAD 

OSPgnm265 Frozen Chosen (SC) SRP $20.00 CAD 

OSPgnm272 History of the Panzerjager (HC) SRP $60.00 CAD 

OSPgnm279 British Battle Tanks (HC) SRP $40.00 CAD 

OSPgnm305 Rome at War (HC) SRP $20.00 CAD 

OSPgnm308 Instrument of War (PB) SRP $22.00 CAD 

OSPmaa517 French Naval & Colonial Troops 1872-1914 SRP $24.00 CAD 

OSPmaa520 Armies of the Italian Wars of Unification 1848-70 (2) SRP $24.00 CAD 

OSPmaa521 Royal Netherlands East Indies Army 1936-42 SRP $24.00 CAD