New Arrivals 2018-06-28

Avalanche Press:

APL0616 SWWaS: Tropic of Capricorn SRP $59.99 USD

APL0702 GWaS: Cruiser Warfare Final Ediiton SRP $39.99 USD

APL0843 Soldier Kings: The Potato War SRP $29.99 USD

APL0877 GPW: Co-Prosperity Sphere (Scenario book with counters) SRP $24.99 USD

APL0879 PZG: Land Cruisers (Alternative History book with Counters) SRP $24.99 USD


Compass Games:

CPA1063 Blood on the Ohio: The Northwest Indian War 1789-1794 SRP $59.00 USD

CPA1071 Montelimar: Anvil of Fate (Liberation Volume 1) CSS SRP $139.00 USD


Decison Games:

DCG0311 S&T 311: Pacific Subs (Solitaire) SRP $39.99 USD

DCG1026R D-Day at Peleliu (2nd Printing) SRP $80.00 USD

DCG1404 Operation Olympic & Coronet (Reprint of game in WAW 27) SRP $50.00 USD


Dan Verssen Games: 

DV1-031B Tiger Leader Upgrade Kit SRP $24.99 USD

DV1-041B Sherman Leader - US Miniature Set SRP $99.99 USD

DV1-041C Sherman Leader - German Miniature Set SRP $99.99 USD

DV1-039 War of the Worlds – England SRP $59.99 USD

DV1-039A War of the Worlds – Japan SRP $59.99 USD

DV1-039B War of the Worlds – France SRP $59.99 USD

DV1-039C War of the Worlds - US East Coast SRP $59.99 USD


Multiman Publishing:

MMP-AiO Atalnta is Ours (GGACW) SRP $140.00 USD

MMP-RtG Roads to Gettysburg II: Lee Strikes North SRP $176.00 USD


Osprey Publishing: 

OSPbfr002 Battlefront: Fate of a Nation SRP $54.00 CAD

OSPcbt033 US Airborne Soldier vs German Soldier SRP $27.00 CAD

OSPfgv006 Frostgrave: The Maze of Malcor SRP $34.00 CAD

OSPfgv010 Frostgrave: Oathgold SRP $11.99 CAD

OSPfgv011 Frostgrave: The Grimoire SRP $27.00 CAD

OSPgnm275 Atlas of the European Campaign 1944-45 SRP $79.00 CAD

OSPgnm304 Spy Toolkit SRP $20.00 CAD

OSPgnm308 Instrument of War (PB) SRP $22.00 CAD

OSPgnm309 With Their Bare Hands SRP $29.00 CAD

OSPlza001 Last Days: Zombie Apocalypse SRP $40.00 CAD

OSPnvg259 US Flush-Deck Destroyers 1916-45 SRP $24.00 CAD

OSPpkt012 Concord Pocket Manual SRP $20.00 CAD

OSPwpn062 'Trapdoor' Springfiled SRP $27.00 CAD

OSPxpl008 Bachem Ba 349 Natter SRP $27.00 CAD