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Mindsports (Mindsports.ca) is a Game and Book Distribution / Wholesaler Company located in Calgary, Alberta Canada.

In business since 1999, Mindsports is a trusted distributor for Retailers in the Canadian Marketplace.

Mindsports Products

Mindsports specializes in historical games / military games (ie. war games), military books and magazines.

We also have a very fine selection of Dice, Game Mats and Accessories, Miniature Rules and Storage Cases, and Quality RPG (Role Playing Game) Lines.

We also carry Eurogames from the likes of GMT and Columbia, and Best Selling Wargames from Boardgame Geek.

Our Customers

Mindsports provides great service and products to local retailers in Canada.

Browse through our list of Manufacturers and Suppliers and feel free to Contact Mindsports for Price Lists and Product Availability.

Thanks for Your Interest, and We Look Forward to Hearing from You!


Please Note, Mindsports and Mindsports.ca cannot sell to individuals. We strongly urge you to support your local retailers.